CSX Philadelphia

Pre-Drilling For Piles @ CSX (Site Located in Philadelphia, PA)

Our Lodril and experienced personnel were key in completing this 13 month project which had incredibly difficult access. The Lodril’s reach allowed us to work in tight space and its design allowed us to drill underneath low clearance bridges. The rig’s power enabled us to drill through rock and man-made obstructions that were encountered.

Train traffic was a daily obstacle and safety hazard that we persevered through. The entire project had close to 250 holes split amongst several phases.

Inter-American Bank

Washington, D.C.

During the fall of 2003 Eastern Caisson completed a very unique project in downtown Washington, D.C., at the Inter-American Bank headquarters on 14th Street NW. This project was unique in that Eastern had to go through 4 floors of an existing parking garage to a depth of approximately 40′ before actually starting to drill most of the caissons.

Scope of Work

The caissons were 36″, 48″, and 60″ in diameter. Seven of the caissons did not go through the parking decks which resulted in caissons actually being drilled as deep as 80 feet. Caissons drilled through the parking garage were drilled 30′ into sandy silt and gravel, and poured up to the basement slabs of existing adjacent buildings. The seven caissons drilled from the street level poured down approximately 40 feet from grade. Eastern caisson’s top priority is always safety and with these tight conditions, along with drilling through the parking structure, extra precautions were taken. Eastern completed this very hazardous project without any incidents or even close calls for which we at Eastern are very proud.

Martin Memorial Library Addition

Martin Memorial Library Addition

Eastern Caisson completed the Martin Memorial Library Addition in York, PA for Kinsley Construction. The Project went very well even though it was a compact site, with rock slanting sharply in the bottoms. Eastern’s 2500 Watson Drill Rig was perfect for the job, especially when we received summer like rain showers almost every day. The 2500 was able to get around and the job was completed in a safe and timely manner.

Scope of Work

Holes consisted of 36″, 42″, and 48″ diameter shafts with a standard pecussion drilled test hole in each caisson bottom. Depths ranged from 10′ to 23′ deep.

Milton Hershey

Milton Hershey School

Milton Hershey recently added field lighting to their outdoor track arena. Eastern Caisson provided the foundation work for several light poles. W.S. Miller was the electrical contractor while Reynolds Construction Management, Inc., provided the construction management.

Scope of Work

In order for this job to be completed, Eastern found it necessary to drill the 60″ diameter caissons to the designed depth, through any encountered rock, which required drilling through limestone boulders and ledges. Eastern supplied and set reinforcing steel cages, and formed the caissons above ground. Eastern also set and aligned anchor bolts and installed electrical conduits.

A great deal of care was necessary to work in this very tight area, to avoid damaging the concrete, black top, and surrounding buildings

I-695 Sound Wall

95/695 MD Interchange Sound Wall

Eastern Caisson completed this project in August 2009 for joint venture Wagman, Corman, McLean. Due to this being a large project and having work sequences, this job spanned from Aug. 2007 to Aug. 2009. In order to meet job requirements, Eastern utilized several different rigs. Our 2500 Watson was the main rig over the project, but the LoDril 60 was utilized along with our 108 Linkbelt 5000 Watson for one wall section. One area also required Eastern to utilize a Low clearance rig due to overhead wires.

Scope of Work

500 + Holes consisted of 36, 42, and 48” diameter shafts with depths to 29’.  Some holes required casing, some rock drilling was required but Eastern was able to react to any changes and complete this successfully and timely for all involved.

Bucknell University Breakiron Engineering Building

Breakiron Engineering Building

Eastern Caisson provided the foundation work for the recently constructed Breakiron Engineering Building at Bucknell University in Lewisbury, Pennsylvania. T. Ross Brothers was the construction manager on this project.

Skope of Work

Eastern began this job planning to socket the caissons into the rock at a maximum depth of 40′, as per the soils report. Rock was encountered at the design depth but it was determined to be unsuitable for bearing. This required Eastern to drill the caissons an additional 30′ (total 70′), which required excavation below the water table. Eastern’s experienced personnel and 118 Linkbelt crane mounted with a 155 Calweld drill attachment were up to this task.
Due to the limited jobsite area, trucking had to be coordinated regularly to keep 40′ long casings available as needed for the various diameters. In addition, this jobsite seemed to see rain at least every other day, which caused additional complications since finished floor elevation was in a pit of approximately 14′ below grade.

The Breakiron Engineering Building certainly kept Eastern Caisson on its toes as the subsurface conditions constantly created challenges which needed to be dealt with in order to complete the foundation. Eastern takes great pride in its workmanship and final product, and had the experienced personnel and necessary equipment to successfully complete this unique project.

Penn State University Airport

Eastern Caisson recently completed an Air Traffic Control Tower for University Airport, State College, PA. The job consisted of 14 caissons, 30” in diameter with depths ranging from 66’ to 105’. Eastern Caisson encountered boulder regions and bedrock layers ranging from 30’ to 60’. These were removed with core barrels and boulder rooters. When competent bedrock was encountered, a 6’ rock socket was installed.

The Job progressed well, thanks to the power of Eastern’s Hain Drill front mounted on a 218 LB, with service crane support from a 45 Ton 108 Linkbelt with extra pulling backup by a 28 Ton RT Linkbelt. Full length rebar cages were set, and steel tremie pipe was utilized to ensure proper concrete placement.

This caisson work was completed in a timely fashion, which gave Zartman Construction, the general contractor, a good jump on construction of the tower as weather started to improve into the spring.