Eastern Caisson has a modern office that is well equipped with the latest technologies to give it's estimators the tools they need to make the most accurate projections.  Eastern has the capability to receive and print plans directly in office.  This also allows the office to stay well connected with the jobs occurring out in the field.



Eastern has an extensive fleet of trucks, tractors, trailers, lowboys, etc., that are capable of handling large amounts of equipment.  Eastern owns 100% of it's own trucking, and does not need to depend on outside companies to move it's large equipment.  This allows Eastern to effectively mobilize at the job site efficiently and quickly.

In addition to being able to haul heavy equipment, Eastern has a very well rounded team of well-experienced drivers, that are able to manuever the tightest of job sites.



Eastern Caisson has a full-time staff of welding experts, who not only weld, but also help to design custom tools to meet the ever-changing job needs.  If Eastern doesn't have a tool they need, they create it!

Having a team of welders able to go to job sites also means that jobs run more smoothly.  The welders are able to recondition the tools directly on-site, meaning that the tools will keep working like they should.  This means more effective drilling, in less time.

Repairs being done on a 84" rock auger

Welders just completed a 96" spin-bottom mud bucket


Eastern Caisson has directly on-hand well over 200 pieces of casing, stocked on a 23 acre facility.  The sizes range from as small as 18" in diameter, all the way up to 120" (outside diameter) in various lengths.  Of course all of these pieces are prepared for twisting so they can be placed easily into the ground.  The bottom of the casing is maintained with J teeth.



Eastern Caisson has a full inventory of drill rig tools included but not limited to earth augers, rock augers, rock core barrels, drilling mud buckets, twister bars, belling buckets, rock splitters, and more.  The diameters range from 12" up through 108" in diameter.

Mechanic Shop

Eastern Caisson has its own custom mechanic shop, equiped with a dedicated and talented group of workers and tools.  This allows Eastern to handle its own repair work and regular maintainance.

Eastern Caisson practices prevenitive maintainance, meaning that steps are taken to ensure that rigs, equipment, and trucking will work properly in the field to ensure the timely completion of a job.