The Drilling Equipment of Eastern Caisson Corporation

TR-110 LoDril


“Just Arrived”

Eastern Caisson recently purchased a TR-110 LoDril mounted on a CAT 336EL base which has a torque rating of 110,000 ft. lbs. and with the positive locking bars a crowd force of 35,000 lbs. “T-Rex” as we named it, is capable of working under 28’ of overhead clearance and can still drill to the depth of 60’. Eastern has already successfully completed many caissons with “T-Rex” at 8’ & 9’ diameters to 45’. One shaft has been completed with 10’ diameter to depth of 24’ (the entire length of the shaft was in rock). If you need a Big Rig in a tight area or low clearance, “T-Rex” is the rig for you.


46 KV - Waterville PA                                Fredericksburg, VA 4                                     46 KV - Waterville PA 3

Hain 165K Drill Attachment


Eastern Caisson has now added and put to work its Big Horse. A Hain 165K Drill attachment mounted on a 100 Ton 218 Linkbelt Crane. This unit has a maximum torque of 165,700 lbs., a positive grip hydraulic crowd, plus 16,700 lb. Kelly Bar producing over 50,000 lbs. of working crowd. With double 60’ long scoping Kelly bar’s this rig can drill to depth of 110’.





Eastern Caisson is proud to announce the arrival of our new Lo-Dril, this low clearance machine with a mast height of 25’ with auger, can get under low overhead obstacles and still drill to a depth of 50’. Also being mounted on a 330DL Cat Base it is capable of getting into areas other conventional drill rigs cannot get to.


Watson 3110 Eagle

Watson 3110 Eagle on Crawler, capable of diameters up to 9', with a digging depth up to 80' deep.  Crowd to 60,000 lb+ and a torque of 113,000 ft. lbs.  This rig is the answer to your foundation needs.

A project was recently completed where up to 60" diameter rock sockets were required to a minimum of 20 feet into 1370 ton PSF Baltimore Gneiss Bedrock.


Watson 2500

For those jobsites where access can be challenging, such as on slopes, benches, or muddy work areas, Eastern Caisson uses its Watson 2500. Unlike the above drill rigs that are rubber-tired, this unit is on crawler tracks. It has a digging depth of up to 60' in diameters from 12" up to and including 96" in both soil and rock subsurface conditions. With its ease of mobilization, its high production capability, and its dependability, the Watson 2500 becomes the perfect rig for any size project.


Where over-the-road drill rigs are required, Eastern Caisson has several specialty rubber-tired rigs for its use, as described below.

Watson 2000

For a large drilling unit that also provides a quick over-the-road mobilization, Eastern Caisson utilizes its Watson 2000 rubber-tired drill rig. This drill rig consists of a drilling unit that is capable of drilling up to 60' deep, and it is mounted on a heavy-duty Hendrickson 8x4 carrier. This unit can provide 82,000 lbs. of torque with 37,000 lbs. of crowd pressure-giving the torque and down pressure needed to install caissons with diameters ranging from 12" to 72" in subsurface conditions consisting of soil or rock.


Watson 1000

On job sites where access may be very tight, or where low clearance is a hindrance, Eastern Caisson has at its disposal several of the smaller Watson 1000 rubber-tired drill rigs. They are capable of developing up to 73,000 lbs. of torque with 17,000 lbs. of down pressure. These drill rigs provide excellent power for those smaller and tighter projects, such as athletic field light pole foundations, catenary pole foundations, sign foundations, sound walls, and retaining walls, to name just a few. Caisson diameters for these rigs range from 12" up to 60".



For added versatility as jobsite conditions warrent, Eastern Caisson also utilizes crane-mounted drill fronts. These are described below.

Watson 5000

Two Watson 5000 drill fronts mounted on 45-ton LinkBelt 108 cranes provide the power and speed needed for a production job. Drilling diameters range from 12" up to 108" at depths up to 90' with a reach out to 12'. With a torque of up to 113,000 lbs., these machines are workhorses easily capable of drilling soil or rock. Over the years, these combinations have been very productive on big diameter cell tower foundations with large rock sockets. up to 60".



Calweld 155CHS

TEastern has two Calweld 155CHS's, one mounted on a 100 ton LinkBelt 218 H crane and the other mounted on a 60-ton LinkBelt 118 crane which is what one needs when the utmost power is required. Producing 153,000 ft. lbs. of torque and 40,000 lbs. of crowd, these workhorses have the muscle to drill diameters from 12" up to 120" to depths of 150'.