Eastern Caisson's committed management team features over 137 years of combined experience and is dedicated to meeting even the most challenging projects. Eastern's management staff includes:

Timothy R. Klein: President

Since its formation in January, 1996, has been associated with the caisson industry for over 45 years. Mr. Klein oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm and is actively involved in all aspects of the business. Mr. Klein strongly believes that good people are the strongest asset a company can have, and has worked hard to ensure that he has the best.

Jerry L. Baublitz: General Superintendent and Vice-President

Jerry is in charge of Field Operations and has over 30 years of job site experience in the caisson industry. Mr. Baublitz organizes the activities between the office, shop, and all of the jobsites by coordinating the efficient movement of men, equipment, and tools to meet the everchanging and challenging job conditions. Contractors will find Jerry visiting all of the job sites on a regular basis and offering his expertise to each job.

David Haynes: Vice President / Estimator / Project Manager

Mr. Haynes has over 35 years of experience in this industry and very capably fills the roles of vice president and estimator/project manager. Mr. Haynes handles estimating for buildings and budget pricing.

Kenneth M. MattsonTreasurer

Mr. Mattson handles contract negotiations, invoicing, and management of the company’s finances.

David Klein: Secretary

Mr. Klein has over 11 years experience in this industry and specializes in various managerial & administrative roles.

Kris Simpson: Estimator/Project Manager

Mr. Simpson has over 16 years’ experience in this industry and handles the majority of the estimating for the company, such as buildings,  soundwall, cell towers, light poles, road signs, electrical substations and transmission line foundations. He is also very involved in project management. 

Dave Garrett: Payroll Manager / Accounts Payable / H.R.

Handles all payroll duties for Eastern Caisson, as well as paying invoices, handling human resources, and other accounting related issues.  

Matt Kerfoot:  Estimator/Project Manager

Mr. Kerfoot has several years’ experience in estimating and sales in the construction and service industry.  He handles the estimating and project management of cell towers, light poles, road signs and billboards, etc.